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Teaching N Training L3C

Teaching N Training L3C was developed to train and prepare unemployed young adults, young adults leaving the justice and foster care systems, and disconnected young adults for careers in the foodservice industry, starting at age 18. Stressing the concept that “you are what you eat”; trainees prepare balanced meals and learn the connections between food and their bodies. In addition, they are taught how to identify the appearance, flavor and appropriate cooking methods for a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and grains and to master basic knife skills and cooking methods in order to become employable in various kitchen environments. It is so satisfying to see the trainees begin the classes with no knowledge about food or cooking. Once they complete the program, they have achieved great things and have discovered that they have potential they never knew they had. This program is unique because it is set in a storefront in Englewood, where its impact can be felt and seen everyday by community residents using the Haute Brats restaurant.

STAY TUNED...more to come!

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